Online Casino Philippines – How Professional Blackjack Started

Many myths surround gamblers who were professionally playing before the 1958 publication of the basic strategy to win a one-pack by Americans Cantey McDermott Maisel and Baldwin. The legend of all they accomplished is not lost. These calculations were made by four statisticians who used only a hand calculator. The publication of the American Journal of the American Statistical Association’s article caused much excitement among statisticians and gamblers. Blackjack, however, was considered a game that a common person might win. Due to the popularity of the article published in the magazine, many players copied it and learned by heart, the original authors wrote “Winning Blackjack”. It is now a very rare edition, and it has become a valuable addition to the home library for many professional gamblers.

In 1962, Edward Thorp calculated using computer technologies and published in Beat The Dealer both the basic strategy of play as well as card counting. Thorp claims that blackjack differs greatly from other casino games like craps and roulette. Every hand in blackjack will depend on how the previous dealt cards have been dealt. This is why it is important to know which cards you drew back from the game as well as which cards remain in the deck. Thorp’s math is accurate to a large extent, but it’s important that modern gamblers only read the book for historical purposes.

Thorp’s system known as the “10 count System” was intended for one pack games online casino philippines. This system has enjoyed tremendous success at all Nevada casinos. It was hard to learn and most gamblers quit. Some rules were not allowed by Nevada’s casinos. One example is that you could double down on only 11 points. The story was covered by the media, and Thorp’s novel became widely known. The book also made Thorp famous worldwide. The operators of gambling houses realized that in such conditions card counters would attempt to beat the house by shuffling after withdrawing trim cards.

Thorp’s systems proved difficult to use in practice. However, the game was still on the same level for the computer conference that took place in Las Vegas in 1963. In a moment of whim, conference organizers included a Panel Session entitled “Using Computers for Games of Chance and Skill.” It was an organizer’s whim to include a section titled “Using computers for games of chance or skill”. Thorp was elected Chairman of this Panel. The Panel included experts in various casino games like blackjack, roulette, and Baccarat. The room was overflowing and filled with computer gamblers. There were hundreds of conference participants pushing and shoving each other to gain entry.

Thorp, naturally, was drawn the crowd. They were looking forward to hearing his insights on the game.

Harvey Dubner, who mainly modified Thorp’s system and presented a few more, was then introduced. He described his method. Dubner kept track the remaining high cards (10.J.Q.K.A.A.) and the low cards (2.3,4,5.6. As the cards were played, Dubner divided its difference by how many cards were left to play. The result was called the High-Low Rate. The standing room-only crowd was enthusiastically responsive to his presentation. He was also applauded at the conclusion. Many felt that this was the last practical system that could be applied in real world casino play. Thorp’s “high-low” system was included in the second edition Beat the Dealer, published in 1966. Over 100 professional books have since been published on blackjack and team games. Shuffle tracking has also been incorporated into the book.


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